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Established in 2010, Reliable trust and technology

Our Philosophy and Goal

JAPATECH grows up our staff to be the trustable person,
and aims to improve the plight of the poor by providing the
best cleaning service in Bangladesh with Japanese technology

Provide Safe, Secure and High Quality Service

with Reliable Japanese Technology

Massage from Chairman

JAPATECH CLEANING SERVICE LTD. provides services centering on cleaning and maintenance for buildings. We can not only clean up with Japanese reliable technology and high quality detergent, but we also shall provide highly satisfaction to customer with high technology and good faith based on equivalent moral and manner as the duty of confidentiality and behavior to Japanese one. Our catchword of company is “Cleanliness makes your mind fresh”. We believe that cleaning has the power for changing and improving people, company, community and society from roots. I and our staff grows up kindness and consideration in own mind each other, and we provide pleasure and impression to Bangladesh
Michio Fukaya

Company Executive

Yusuke Nojima
Managing Director
Takayuki Nojima