Bidet Toilet Seat Device (Automatic Bidet System)




Unit Price   5,500 tk/pcs ~

(*Including installing charge)


  1. In the case that your room is at the top floor in the building, this product shall not work correctly by weak water pressure.
  2. Nozzle length can’t be adjustable.
  3. This Bidet seat device is for cold water only, and has no warm air dryer function.
  4. This Bidet seat device can not be installed depends on some shapes of commode and toilet sheet.

Feature of “Bidet Toilet Seat Device”

Bidet is a very beneficial product to health and increase your hygiene, its daily use has been proven to reduce the chance of contracting hemorrhoids, constipation, gastrointestinal cancers, prostatitis, urinary tract infections, and gynecologic problem, also it aids in blood circulation.

1. Installation Compatibility

It can be installed on to existing toilets regardless of its size and shape. Based on installation environment or user preference and convenience.

2. No Needs Electricity

No electricity is required to operate Bidet device. The attachment is connected to the existing water outlet via a T piece adaptor and Bidet device can be operated with water pressure only. The nozzle is extended when activated and automatically retracts to a hidden position when not in use to maintain hygiene.

3. Hygiene for your bottom, hands and bathroom

 No hand is required to wash your bottom. Just turn the lever of control dial, then jet water comes out and wash your bottom automatically while sitting on toilet seat. You can keep your bottom & hands clean and hygienic. Bidet device can help you to protect and cure some disease around bottom as like hemorrhoids, etc. and also prevent to spread water out on bathroom floor. You always can use clean and hygienic bathroom.

SERVICE AREA of Installing Service

  • Baridhara
  • Baridhara DOHS
  • Gulshan
  • Banani
  • Banani DOHS
  • Uttara
  • Mohakhali
  • Mohakhali DOHS
  • Niketan
  • Tejgaon
*In the case that you need to install Micro Bidet in the other area except above, transport and extra fee will be charged.


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