Target Pest of this service

Pharaoh Ant

Black Ant

What’s the different with other pest control service??

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  • JAPATECH guarantees that the incident of pest approximates 0% exceedingly without extra charge.

  • JAPATECH never use harmful products for human and environment.

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JAPATECH provides inspection service which the result of our service is converted into numerical values. So you can see clearly the effect of our pest control service and the condition of your place.


  • JAPATECH terminates pest with many kinds of all Japanese pesticide products.

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SERVICE PLAN for Ant termination

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Unit Price 1,000 tk/5g~

  • For 3 ~ 5 times use
  • We just sell the poison bait for Ant, 5g. You need to set up this product by yourself.

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How to terminate Ant ?

1. Set up poison bait

2. Carry to colony

3. Share with party

4. Effects is developed

5. Breakdown of colony

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    • Put 1-3 g of poison bait on small dish or paper that ants can go in and out, and set up it at few places where ants appears (near ants colony or route of ants, etc.).
    • Ants are attracted after few minutes or 20 minutes, begins to carry poison bait to their colony.
    • If the amount of set poison bait is short, please refill up. Then remove poison bait after ants are terminated. Colony of ants is disrupted after 2-3 days.


    *Pharaoh ant continues to divide colony, so if you disrupted one of colonies, but pharaoh ant comes up from other colony.

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SERVICE AREA of Installing Service

  • Baridhara
  • Baridhara DOHS
  • Gulshan
  • Banani
  • Banani DOHS
  • Uttara
  • Mohakhali
  • Mohakhali DOHS
  • Niketan
  • Tejgaon

*In the case that you need pest control service in the other area except above, transport and extra fee will be charged.


Contact us

  • please contact us by phone, email or web site

Site check / Quotation

  • our staff visits to your place, and checks the condition of site. then we propose quotation

Service operation

  • Our staff in charge visit to your place on the date and time when you made a reservation


  • please pay all amount of payment within 10 days after service done.