Water Purifier Rental Service

Make RO Pure Water at Home

RO Water purifier can make the most safe water at home

RO Water purifier can make the most safe water at home

The Most Safe and Trusted Water
Make RO Pure Water at Home

The most safe pure water

Unlimited usage

No need to carry

You can use pure water at kitchen sink

Monthly free maintenance

Monthly check up water quality

Free repairing

Free installation

World standard technology

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water. Reverse osmosis can remove many types of dissolved and suspended chemical species as well as biological ones (principally bacteria) from water, and is used in the production of potable water.

How to install ?

Normally we set up water purifier under kitchen sink. So we need to make a small hole through which pipe passes and to fix drinking faucet at kitchen sink. And we need to set up electric outlet under sink if there is no outlet.

In the case that purifier can’t be set up under sink, we can set up on kitchen counter, as well. And installing charge is free.

The importance of maintenance

The performance of purifying water will be going down naturally without proper maintenance. If you leave water purifier without maintenance for long time, unpurified water just comes out from tap even though that water goes through purifier.

So we check up water quality, and do proper maintenance as exchanging filter every month at customer place to supply the most safe and trusted water always. And if our purifier gets some problem, we repair it quickly.

The charge of maintenance and repairing are free.

Trusted Performance

You can see numerous other brands of purifiers without any certification in Dhaka. Customers are in dark about their effectiveness.

The purified water with our purifier already has been investigated by icddr,b as an international health research institute based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and we have the certification by them.

Service Plans


Water Purifier for Drinking

Unit Price 7,700 tk/month~

(*excluded VAT10%)
  • Water Tank : 11L
  • MAX purified water volume : 7.5 L / hour
  • Regular maintenance : Every month

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Water Purifier for Washing Machine

Unit Price 3,800 tk/month~

(*excluded VAT10%)
  • Regular maintenance : Every 3 months

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Water Purifier for Hose Shower

Unit Price 3,800 tk/month~

(*excluded VAT10%)
  • Regular maintenance : Every 3 months

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  • Baridhara
  • Baridhara DOHS
  • Gulshan
  • Banani
  • Banani DOHS
  • Uttara
  • Mohakhali
  • Mohakhali DOHS
  • Niketan
  • Tejgaon

*In the case that you need water purifier rental service in the other area except above, transport and extra fee will be charged.


Contact us

  • please contact us by phone, email or web site

Site check / Quotation

  • our staff visits to your place, and checks the condition of site. then we propose quotation

Service operation

  • Our staff in charge visit to your place on the date and time when you made a reservation


  • please pay all amount of payment within 10 days after service done.